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Philosophy & Values


"One Team, One Voice , One Direction"
Catering to a stunningly diverse population and myriad cultures, we want our hotels to be a part of the Community and the Community a part of our hotels. In keeping with this objective, we wish to establish our brand as a unique Hotel Management Company that is totally family-oriented and respects the local culture as much as other customs and traditions.

We at Coral Hotels & Resorts recognize that we have an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations by incorporating sound environmental and ecological practices across our entire operations.

This gives us a distinctive edge and makes us an environment-friendly brand committed to promoting a safe and clean world for all.



Doing the little that makes the big difference to our guests! No detail is too small to care about when you're creating something with passion. That's the belief that drives us all at Coral, an International Hotel Management Company committed to bringing alive the essence of the phrase - Let us impress you. It's all about achieving perfection in everything we do for our guests. Be it the fresh scent of creamy linen, the carefully monitored temperature of a vast inviting pool, or the exquisitely balanced flavor of seafood bisque.

Every little moment when we can express our passion for service. Excellence is not something you achieve just once; it's part of life. That's why at Coral, each one of us makes it a point to see how we can enhance a guest's experience. Be it that glass of water that could do with a refill, or directions to interesting local destinations, or a spot of quick amusement for a restless toddler, it's all in a day's work for us.

Understanding each guest must get the most out of every minute. When we say, "guest" we mean someone who, more than just a customer, is a special individual we are honored to have with us. Hospitality is all about understanding what respect really means. Respect for time, space, needs and expectations. Be it the technology that speeds up check-in and check-out, or the way we train our restaurant staff to be there the instant they're needed, and invisible when they aren't.

Making each guest feel like the only one. The finest rooms, pools and restaurants mean little if you don't feel special being there. That's why at Coral we pay great attention to how we look after every single guest. Responding to every phone call before the second ring, making sure an infant's formula is warmed to just the right temperature, keeping checkout papers ready before our guest arrives at the front desk... It all adds up to enhancing the experience.

The feeling that comes from the heart when we see our guests as friends, not as customers, in a world where every business tries to create "Loyal customers," we think differently. We believe that loyalty is what we owe our guests. That's why at Coral, we seek out people who truly love their work. It's all about service with a passion. Right from the valet who takes over the responsibility of looking after your car, to the chef who'll do anything to get his ingredients right, to the maitre de who makes it a point to remember precisely how you like your steak.