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Coral Boutique Hotel Apartments – Al Barsha –Dubai Adopts ‘Go Green’ Strategy

Coral Dhahran
Coral Boutique Hotel Apartments – Al Barsha – Dubai has announced a ‘Go Green’ strategy, which includes a series of environmentally friendly practices that it plans to implement in stages in its bid to promote sustainable hospitality.

The hotel has begun its ‘Go Green’ campaign with waste segregation and has already installed recycling bins for the purpose. It will also urge its guests to support its water and energy saving policy by simple practices like reusing towels, turning off taps and switching off lights when not needed.

“Our initiatives in waste management and water and energy conservation may be modest to begin with, but we feel they will contribute to defining our long-term sustainable business model. Moreover, every small bit contributes to a collective effort that is far more impactful than its parts,” observes General Manager SalimTouma.

“Dubai is a tourism hotspot with a growing energy and carbon footprint so it is for the hospitality sector, which is an important stakeholder in the tourism industry, to collectively look for ways to encourage sustainability and green initiatives,” he adds. According to Salim, the hotel’s initiatives support the‘Green Tourism’ initiatives of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), which include encouraging the hotel sector to be conscious about the use of natural resources and energy conservation.

“As a socially responsible business entity, we need to participate in creating a sustainable energy and resource consumption model for the hospitality sector that will show an environmentally friendly face to our guests from around the world and contribute to the growth of eco-tourism ” he adds.

Coral Boutique Hotel Apartments is a business-friendly hotel located in central Dubai in close proximity to major shopping and entertainment destinations with a business centre and a range of dining, health & fitness, and entertainment options.

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