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Super Fresh Smoothies and Juices at Coral Beach Resort - Sharjah

Smoothies make for a healthy drink any time of the day. And, now you can enjoy a range of cool, refreshing smoothies and juices bursting with fruit and vitamins at Coral Beach Resort – Sharjah.

Jean Pierre Simon, Regional General Manager, Coral Hotels & Resorts, observes, "Health is a focal concern in today's modern lifestyles, whether you're a business executive or a mum juggling career and childcare or a youngster looking for glory in the sports arena. Busy lives often come in the way of healthy eating. But at Coral Beach Resort – Sharjah, we integrate health and wellness into hospitality. However, eating healthy needn't be hard work. Hence, we have created a special menu of delicious and healthy smoothies and juices."

"The best way to begin your morning is to have a blended or pure fruit drink that packs a punch and brings a glow to your face. Smoothies and fruit juices are the ideal fuels-on-the-go. High in natural fibre, rich in anti-oxidants, blended with vitamins and containing fructose, they cleanse your digestive tract, balance your blood sugar and give you the energy you require without stuffing your body with empty carbohydrates," adds Jean Pierre.

The best thing about smoothies and fruit juices is that they are natural and pure, without chemical additives or solvents. "We have paid a lot of attention in picking the fruits that rank high in the health and nutrition index, such as oranges and lemons that are rich in vitamin C, folic acid and potassium; avocados packed with vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy fats and dietary fibre; bananas that are a great source of potassium, folate, vitamin A and protein; dates that balance the body's energy and blood sugar levels;and zingy, ultra healthy strawberries rich in vitamins minerals, enzymes and fibre," explains Jean Pierre.

The list stretches even further in the fruit juices category to include anti-oxidant rich papaya, cholesterol and weight controlling pomegranates and berries, apples rich in vitamins and minerals, and vegetables like tomato, ginger and celery.

"Health and wellness have always been high on our agenda and we've been consistently using our extensive facilities to promote a healthy lifestyle among our guests, especially the youth. We organise tennis tournaments and karate classes for children and adolescents and have a state-of-the-art fitness centre Attitude, not to forget swimming pools where a lap or two could release tension and help you unwind. So it's natural that our gastronomic options also include foods for the health-and-fitness conscious," stresses Jean Pierre.

So, the picturesque Coral Beach Resort on the beach invites the morning jogger, the pleasantly tired tennis enthusiast, the hassled executive or the visitor who really doesn't want a heavy meal to get that extra zing and zip into their system with its recently launched menu of healthy smoothies and juices.

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